Passepartout - Dronka, Maldener, Morales GbR

Ludwigstraße 12a - 63067 Offenbach am Main

+491626311638, +491785009326


The individual pieces of our 2018 founded fair fashion manufactory PASSEPARTOUT are designed, developed and handcrafted in Offenbach, Germany.

On our journey of making high quality womenswear we are exploring different ways of producing sustainably.

We source locally whenever possible and order from retailers that share the same social and ecological criteria.


For our latest collection SISTER we chose materials with history.
Instead of only buying new eco-certified fabrics, we searched for treasures. To create unique pieces that underline and express your individual beauty, we gave special attention to every single one. Combing through remaining stocks, fleamarkets, second-hand shops and even our grandparents attics, we found beautiful materials and a lot of inspiration.

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